Convenient Payments For All

Intelligent Contacts’ integrated payment solutions allow consumers to resolve a bill on their schedule. This frictionless and flexible approach reduces revenue cycles and increases revenue. Whether it’s over the phone or through multiple self-service channels, our integrated payment tools Increase customer satisfaction and dramatically cut down on missed and late payments. With built in messaging, billing reminders and notifications are all automated!

Who are millennials and why should you care about their consumer preferences?

A single generation is revolutionizing sales. Social media, telvision, mobile devices, and the internet mean they enter the marketplace fully aware that everything and everyone around them is out to sell them something. And they’re eager to buy.

Millennials are the single largest consumer segment in the market today, holding both massive buying power and unprecedented influence. According to a recent Nielson report, they spend $65 billion a year and influence over $1 trillion in total consumer spending.

Is your business prepared to capitalize on their enormous spend? Discover five business “must haves” to engaging the growing millennial mindset in this free resource guide.

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