Communicate Quickly

Deliver emergency notifications and important announcements to thousands of contacts in mere seconds.

Build Community

Bring people together like never before with community events, public service announcements, and increased public awareness.

Hear Back

Easily send out interactive surveys, collect responses, and manage data. Include all your contacts or only pre-defined lists.

Process All Your Payments For Free

Pay nothing to process your transactions. Collect more revenue from every transaction.

People Rely On You. Keep Them Safe and Informed.

Public notifications are becoming increasingly important in communities nationwide. Quick communication can mean the difference between smooth operations and chaos. With just an internet connection or a phone line, you can deliver voice, text, and e-mail messages to all your contacts, user-defined groups, or just key individuals. This is a simple and cost effective way to increase public safety and awareness.

Not Just For Emergencies.


Immediate Notifications

Tell citizens about council meetings, public hearings, and community events. Send out reminders, agendas, and so much more.

Promote Community Development

Better communication fosters community growth. Connect people, encourage ideas, and turn project dreams into reality.

Data Made Easy

Easily collect and manage data. Keep your contacts up to date, send interactive surveys, start fundraising campaigns, and more.

Payment Processing At No Cost To You

The Intelligent Payments solution includes No Cost Processing, a revolutionary component that almost no other company provides. You’ll pay absolutely nothing to process transactions, leaving you with more revenue at your disposal. What would it be like never receiving a bill for payment processing again?

No Capital Expense.

Intelligent Contacts requires NO capital expense and integrates with your existing software. With our easy setup and seamless integration, you could be creating and managing campaigns as soon as tomorrow!

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