Payment IVR

24/7 Automated Payments by Phone

Pain Free Payments

Enable customers to make secure card or ACH/eCheck payments by phone 24/7.

Customize It

Create your IVR voice, call flow, scripts, applications, and more or use the default features.

Improve Customer Experience

Eliminate stressful transfers and long hold times.

Rethink Resources

Cut down on customer support expenses without giving up personalized communication.

2020 Transaction Data Proves Consumers Make Automated Phone Payments 24/7

Automated Phone Payments Free Up Staff & Extend Office Collection Hours

Keep taking credit card and e-check payments after office hours and throughout the weekend with our Payment IVR solution.

Our Intelligent Payment IVR authenticates payer identity. locates their account, and securely processes electronic payments without any assistance from staff. Consumers can make a payment at their convenience and without needing an internet connections.

It’s simple and easy to set up, and quickly adds another consumer-friendly payment stream.

Keep Customers Happy

Payment IVR creates a conversational, customer-centered payment experience. Each call is tailored to the customer with multilingual support and toll-free calling. Our Payment IVR can easily be added as a selection option in your existing PBX phone system.

Customers always have access to the information they want. If a customer needs more advanced assistance, your Payment IVR can easily transfers them back to a live person or after-hours voice mailbox.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade one part of your payment process or the whole enchilada, we can help!

When it comes to the way you connect with consumers (voice, scripts, CRM), it's okay to be picky.

Be As Picky As You Want.



Use your own voice, agent voices, or professional voice talent and easily incorporate in multilingual support.

Call Flow and Scripts

Use the templates we provide for you or create your own.

Customer Information

Enable real-time exchange with accounting, CRM, or ERP software.

Even More

Change the phone number and applications you use.

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By expanding and simplifying payment options, your organization will be able to cut costs.

Intelligent IVR + Portal = $

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