ACH/eCheck Payments

Direct Deposits

Accept one-time or recurring payments directly from bank accounts with our electronic check payment system.

Easy Online Payments

Enable and customize your own web portal to collect online payments in just a few seconds.

Check By Phone

Enable your agents to accept checks over the phone Simple, secure, and convenient.

Check Verification

Take preventative measures to reduce fraud and monitor negative account activity.

Lightning Fast Speed. Unbelievably Small Fees.

Accept consumer and commercial payments directly from bank accounts with our eCheck payment gateway. Set up, schedule, and collect recurring payments through the Intelligent Payments system. Funds are automatically deposited into the account(s) of your choice, often with 30 – 50% lower fees compared to bank deposit fees.
Consumer and commercial payments transfer and process quickly and with low fees.
Intelligent Payments enables consumers to access a user-friendly web portal from anywhere.

Payments From Anywhere.

Creating a payment site for your business can be a daunting task. We have you covered with a customizable web portal that is easy to use and even easier for your customers to pay and manage their accounts. Even collect payments from a scheduled one-time or recurring payments, update bank or card information all online. And, of course, it works with your existing software.

Rethinking Phone Payments.

Give phone agents the ability to accept checks via the phone. Simple, secure, and convenient. Money is automatically deposited into the bank account(s) of your choice, and everything is managed through one convenient management portal.

Even use a custom payment IVR to collect payments by phone outside of office hours. Choose from a variety of voice, language, and script options.

Payment IVRs have gone from one-dimensional to a super-customizable.

You've Never Been Safer.

As a leading communications provider, we take security very seriously. Check verification services are available for our eCheck Payment Gateway to detect possible fraud or alert of any negative activity related to the bank account or on the consumer with any bank account. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to save valuable billing time on subscription based items. Partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems, we offer a secure P2PE system to help reduce your security risk. Our PCI certified P2PE solution is just one example of our constant commitment to you and your clients’ security.
Payments are protected by fraud or suspicious activities through in our PCI-certified solution.

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