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Connect. Collect. Comply. Leverage the power of our fully-integrated cloud contact center and payment technologies uniquely designed for the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. Our Inbound/Outbound Contact Center Suite allows you to quickly and compliantly connect with consumers across all preferred communication channels—voice, text, chat, or email.

Collect more with a fraction of the effort with our innovative payment solutions that leverage self-resolution, personalized automation, and hyper-convenience.

Cloud Contact Center Features

Leverage agent capacity from anywhere on the planet—your office, home office, offshore, or anywhere in between. Intelligent Contacts makes it easier than ever to bring your team together and manage campaigns. Our virtual solutions provide complete freedom and flexibility.

Omnichannel Communication



Place outbound calls through manual or automated dialing campaigns. Or, receive inbound calls through skills-based IVR/Campaign routing. 


Send an individual email to a consumer directly from the agent interface, or create and launch targeted email campaigns to large groups and consumer segments.


Engage consumers online through web chat to increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, and accelerate payments.

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Send a message directly to a consumer’s voicemail without their phone ringing. This could be either a limited content message or a full communication about their debt.

Outbound – 5 Unique Dialing Modes



Real-time algorithms analyze call volume and automatically adjust dialing pace to maximize connections and reduce dropped calls.


Automatically presents agent with contact information prior to dialing the number—putting the agent in control of when the call is placed.


Automatically dials numbers from an assigned list with pacing controlled by a set dial ratio or maximum % of dropped calls threshold.

Intelligent Queue

Allows a manager or “clicker agent” to manually launch calls from a list .


Allows agents to place individual calls by manually entering a phone number.

Inbound – Intelligent Call Routing


ACD Groups

Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Engine allows for skills-based routing and priority connection by campaign, team, or agent.

Intelligent IVR
With our Intelligent IVR, you can easily route calls, provide automated responses to FAQs, take payments and more!
Automated Call Backs

Let consumers receive an automated call back instead of waiting on hold.

Full PBX Capability

Full PBX capability including voicemail, auto-attendant, conference calls, demand dialing.

Client Testimonials

“We were looking at all the major players in the dialer world and in the end we felt IC had our back and would do whatever it took to get us up and running. A nearly a year later, that’s been true. Hands down, the service has been unbelievable.”

They’ve made us very comfortable and confident that we now have the right technology in place. It’s so easy to use. Not just for me, but my staff. I also like that we can add on as needed.”

Ryan Matrisch

Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

“We’ve been with Intelligent Contacts for over 10 years and we probably now use all of their products. What sets them apart from other vendors is how closely they work with you on a day-to-day basis. We have weekly meetings with a dedicated client success team.

Having this close relationship with a company that knows your business is probably the biggest benefit of working with them.”

David Brooks

Capital Accounts

Automate Success.

Effortless Settlement Negotiation

Intelligent Negotiator, the virtual negotiation engine inside our consumer portals, does everything that agents do—including negotiating settlements and payment plans. It constantly collects and processes payments, even when your agents can’t.

Immediately Capture Payments

Electronically accept all regular payment channels currently accepted by your business including credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks.

Customers Love It

The responsive layout, user-friendly design, and 24/7 access make Intelligent Negotiator simple, convenient, and flexible.


Higher contact rate vs manual dialing


Of logins result in a payment


More of balance due collected vs live collector

See Contact Rates Skyrocket

Increase contact rates by 300%—400% compared to manual dialing and up to 50% over other dialers. Turn agent idle time into revenue producing activities and set your recovery rates on the fast track in days. Stop wasting outbound calls on answering machines and dead numbers. Don’t miss any more inbound calls. Instead, focus your time where it really matters: talking to the RIGHT people.

Compliance Made Simple

  • Time zone mapping based on area code and zip code
  • Exceptions only dialed during open ‘windows’
  • Cell phone identification
  • Whisper account data and compliance conditions to agents
  • Scrub all contact lists against litigant consumer and bankruptcy databases
  • Data scrubs identify line type, carrier information, false operator intercepts, new contact data, and ownership of phone numbers

No Capital Expense.

Intelligent Contacts requires NO capital expense and integrates with existing banking systems. You can create standard ongoing campaigns or marketing/promotional campaigns in just a few minutes. Simple, easy, and, most importantly, effective!

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