No Cost Credit Card Processing

No cost credit card processing is a way to pass the merchant fees a business is normally charged by banks and credit card companies onto the consumer as a convenience fee.

Truly Fee Free Processing

Never see another bill for processing your customers’ transactions.

You Decide

Set up No Cost Processing however you want. Tailor it specifically for your business.

Comprehensive Reporting

Collect, view, and manage payment data from our credit card processing solution in real time.

PCI-Certified Security

Our payment tools are always built for the safety of you and your customers.

How does no cost credit card processing work?

What if your company had zero cost for all credit card and debit card transactions it processed? Our credit card processing solution passes the cost of processing each transaction to the customer in the form of a service or convenience fee.

It’s an ideal system for government agencies, cities, counties, states, and court systems, but it works just as well for any industry – even retailers.

This service is available almost everywhere, but a few states have reserved this special service just for their government. We can help navigate this, but please keep in mind that No Cost Credit Card Processing is limited in a few states.

It doesn't make sense to pay for credit and debit card processing when you can have a no-cost option.
Create payment processes they way you want them.

No Cost Credit Card Processing the Way You Want it!

Any Method

Accepting credit and debit cards, ACH, eChecks, and more without paying crazy high fees.

Any Channel

Accept payments 24/7 through phone, web, email, IVR, text, and of course in person. Payment reminders, scheduled or recurring payments, and self-service payment options maximize convenience for you and your customers.

Any Setup

Decide how to accept deposits, which types of transactions No Cost Processing covers, and what name for the fee makes the most sense for your business.


Percentage of Businesses Eligible for No Cost Processing

Monthly Savings for a Business Taking $25,000 a month by Credit/Debit Cards

Monthly Savings for a Business Taking $25,000 a month by Credit/Debit Cards

Intel You Can Act On.

As always, Intelligent Contacts clients have access to the Intelligent Payments Merchant Gateway which provides comprehensive payment reporting from all sources and all payment channels. Online access from any computer or mobile device provides up to the second information about transactions processed and valuable insights about how your customers choose to pay.
Intelligent Contacts puts a comprehensive payment processing and reporting system at your fingertips.

We Know Security.

As a leading communication solutions provider, the safety of your business is Intelligent Contacts’ top priority As a partner with Bluefin Payment Systems, we offer a secure P2PE system in order to keep you and your client’s information safe. Our payment systems are completely secure and meet all PCI security standards. We keep your and your customer’s information safe with our no cost credit card processing solutions!
Intelligent Contacts understands what it takes to keep consumer data safe.

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