Intelligent Contacts’ Payment Portal Gives ARM Industry Built-In Compliance Tool

New upgrade to Intelligent Payment Portal With Built-In Compliance Features introduces Dynamic Disclosures Tool for 1st Party and 3rd Party Debt Collection Agencies for popular Online Payment Portal for ARM Industry.

Intelligent Contacts has announced a new upgrade to their popular Online Payment Portal for ARM Industry, Intelligent Payment Portal With Built-In Compliance Features.

Intelligent Payment Portal With Built-In Compliance Features has multiple new features designed to make life easier for Debt Collection Agencies including:

     How Does Intelligent Contacts Dynamic Disclosures Tool Work?

Dynamic Disclosure Tool for 1st Party and 3rd Party Debt Collection Agencies – Our Dynamic Disclosures Tool allows collection agencies to automatically display unique legal verbiage in their payment portal based on a number of specified details about the consumer’s account. A Dynamic Disclosure might be language a particular state requires a debt collection agency to disclose to a consumer that another state may not. Our built in tool automatically identifies the consumer’s home state and presents that verbiage before any other account details are shown.

Our built-in disclosures tool can also combine multiple factors about the account in determining the correct legal language to present. For example, the FDCPA requires that specific disclosures are shown to consumers for time-barred debt—older debt that the statute of limitations period to sue has passed. Within our Intelligent Portal, crucial legal requirements can be easily configured to keep a debt collection agency in compliance.

Dynamic Consumer Privacy Policy Presentation – Our same Dynamic Disclosure Tool can also be used to show consumers your data privacy policy. With the California Consumer Protection Act passed in 2020, all businesses are required to share their privacy policy to any California resident. Our tool, allows a collection agency to present one privacy policy, or different versions of privacy policies, based on current or future state requirements.

Preferred Language Access – New York City’s 2020 consumer protection law requires debt collection agencies to provide debtors who have a preferred language other than English to a translation of debt-related terms and phrases to ensure they understand their rights. With our Communication Consent Tracking Tool, a debt collection agency can capture whether a consumer has a preferred language (other than English) and then track that data within our Intelligent Portal. That data can be used to quickly change the language of their payment portal just for that consumer. It also provides a digital timestamp the agency can use as proof that they are complying with New York City’s new law. Or, any future language access laws passed in other jurisdictions.

“These new features are game-changers for the debt collection industry. As a technology provider that recognizes the unique legal requirements facing the debt industry, we feel it’s crucial that they have access to a tool that allows them to quickly take action on the advice of their legal counsel and compliance team. Our Intelligent Portal continues to be the only online payment solution uniquely built for the ARM industry.”
Jeff Mains
CEO, Intelligent Contacts

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The changes in this Online Payment Portal for ARM Industry were bought about due to In our ongoing pursuit to keep our Intelligent Portal as the most advanced and specialized online payment solution for the Debt Collection and Accounts Receivable industries, we’ve now included built-in compliance logic that will allow our clients to quickly adapt to the latest FDCPA court rulings and consumer protection laws.. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for Intelligent Payment Portal With Built-In Compliance Features, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future.

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