Stealth Messaging

Never Interrupt

Send customers the message you want, without the frustration of an interrupted day.

No More Breaks

Deliver your full message all the time. No more being cut off by poorly timed beginnings.

A Personal Touch

Don’t sacrifice personalization for automation. Send your messages in a real, human voice.

Lightning Speed

Sending thousands of unique messages only takes a few clicks. Reach more people in less time.

There And Gone... Without Making A Sound.

Deliver any voice message any time without the phone ever ringing. Broadcast informational updates, sales messages, reminders, or other notifications. No more interrupting your customers’ busy lives. Just leave the message and they listen at their convenience.


higher response rates with personalized messaging than text to speech

Eliminate Broken Messages.

Most automated voicemail messages can get cut off because they start at the wrong time. It’s confusing for the customer and frustrating for you. But with Stealth Messaging, you’re guaranteed quality delivery of the complete message every time.

Ditch The Robot.

Personalized messaging gets 400% higher response rates than text to speech! Deliver voice messages automatically without giving up a personal touch. Use your own voice, agent voices, or one of our professional voice talents to create thousands of one-of-a-kind messages in just a few minutes. Intelligent Contacts has created several message series for you to use. Or, take some inspiration and build a series of your own.

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