What is Stealth Messaging or Ringless Voicemail Drops?

Stealth messaging, or ringless voicemail drops, is a technology that bypasses a consumer’s mobile phone device to place a recorded audio message directly in their voicemail inbox. This delivery method means the consumer’s phone doesn’t “ring”, but they receive a notification of a new voicemail message.

What are the benefits of using ringless voicemail drops?

Effectiveness —research has shown that most consumers regularly avoid answering phone calls because the timing is inconvenient, they don’t recognize the number, or they’re not expecting an important call. In fact, 61% of consumers said they regularly duck calls from even people they know, and 77% said they wouldn’t answer a call they suspected was a telemarketer.

By contrast, studies have shown that 85-96% of consumers listen to their voicemail. For industries like debt collection, who struggle to get consumers to answer their calls, adding Stealth Messaging campaigns to those unreachable contacts has enormous potential.

Convenient and less intrusive —for a business, calling a consumer is the most direct and immediate method for communicating or resolving an issue. But reaching someone at an inconvenient time can be an intrusion, and then calling back multiple times can feel like harassment. Stealth Messaging is the least intrusive method for delivering an important message to a consumer.

What are the cost savings compared to calling or leaving manual voice messages?

Ringless voicemails cost a fraction of calling and leaving a voicemail manually. Instead of the 30-45 seconds it may take to leave a message, voicemail drops are automated and left instantly. Instead of incurring labor and dialer minutes usage, you are only charged per message successfully delivered.

What are the key differences between Stealth Messaging and other ringless voicemail?

Consolidated Contact Management & Reporting —Stealth Messaging is fully integrated into our Hosted Contact Center platform as a campaign type.

  • Allows you to manage all of your communication touchpoints through one consolidated location.
  • Let’s you track Stealth Messaging performance using call attributes and campaign-specific call back numbers.


Instant Voicemail Delivery vs. Delayed or Batched—Many bargain ringless voicemail providers throttle campaigns by sending them in smaller batches over extended periods of time. This could be problematic as some messages could be delivered after business hours, or at times when enough agents aren’t available.

With Stealth Messaging, your campaigns aren’t throttled. You receive  enterprise-level resource allocation to ensure your messages are delivered in a timely fashion and incoming call volume can be managed effectively.

No cap on length of audio message—With Stealth Messaging, you’re not limited to the standard 30-second message duration limit.

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