How the Modern Healthcare IVR is Transforming Patient Experience While Reducing FTE Hours

Written by Michael Wise

The Days of “Normal Office Hours” are Over

There was a time when hospitals could reasonably expect patients to call and make payments between the hours of 9 to 5.  Today, there are still providers expecting many patients to call multiple times until someone is ready to take their credit card number.

During Monday-Friday business hours, many billing offices will take lunch hours off and leave promptly at 5 p.m.  That forces patients to call during their work hours if they want to pay their medical bill.  This isn’t just a problem for the patient, but hospitals and physicians as well.


High-deductible insurance policies create higher patient payment balances.  So, the lack of flexible payment options (like self-service bill pay) could cost doctors and hospitals tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Our IVR medical solution is a proven to help patients make their payments 24/7, and it has an incredible return on investment for healthcare providers. However, an Intelligent IVR is capable of so much more!


Deploying an “intelligent IVR” for Healthcare

Virtually all medical facilities save significant time, as well as costs by automating communication processes and utilizing electronic channels.  It’s an effective alternative to solely relying on traditional paper methods. 

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a comprehensive multipurpose tool that simplifies hospital-patient communication. Patients interact with touchtone or verbal responses to find or input information by phone. Our medical IVR works with your existing phone system by breaking specific business functions into a series of steps. That means you can deliver information to patients and allow them to make secure phone payments conveniently.

At a minimal cost, IVR in heathcare:

  • Expands “business hours” to 24x7x365
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Accelerates payments into the revenue cycle

Meanwhile, the patient can call you on their schedule instead of trying to call during business hours.

Everybody wins!


What is an IVR? Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a comprehensive, multipurpose tool that simplifies hospital-patient communication. Patients interact with touchtone or verbal responses to find or input information by phone. Intelligent IVR works with your existing phone system by breaking  specific business functions into a series of steps.

How an Intelligent Healthcare IVR Reduces Labor FTEs?

Intelligent IVR reduces both inbound and outbound calls to the office staff by up to 80%. It allows you to maximize efficiency while minimizing operating costs. With your newly-acquired free time, you can increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.

There will be some patients who want a more personal touch, but reaching a staff member is as simple as pressing a button.


Reduce Delinquencies and Missed Appointments

The Intelligent Messaging component of an Intelligent IVR can send:

  • Payment notifications
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Appointment scheduling messages
  • Other time-sensitive voice messaging

These can be sent to thousands of patients all at once, and configuration takes just a few clicks.  Before, such a process would take all day and several office personnel to accomplish this functionality.  Now, it’s possible to set it up in minutes.

You can also combine Intelligent IVR with our text and email solutions. Intelligent IVR and Intelligent Messaging effortlessly connects your practice with patients using their preferred communication methods.

Get Patient Feedback Instantly with Post-Call IVR Surveys

A healthcare IVR survey helps assess patient satisfaction and provides real-time feedback on key performance metrics. In today’s busy contact centers, that’s easier than having to read them on a review site.

The post-call IVR survey data will showcase feedback about:

  • Customer service
  • Wait times
  • Quality of care
  • Staff treatment of your patients

You’ll receive this data quickly and easily without pulling your staff away from their primary responsibilities.

Are Healthcare IVR Payments Secure?

Taking medical payments through a payment IVR is secure and HIPAA compliant. In fact, it’s much more secure than taking them over the phone with a person. Patient identity is verified using specific account details and information that only they would know. Once authenticated, a patient can make a credit, debit, or check payment over the phone.  The transaction details are reported through the same payment gateway as other payment channels.

As a HIPAA HITRUST and PCI-DSS Level 1 vendor, all transactions made through Intelligent Contacts payment solutions have the highest level of data security. It’s important to note that if the you store data for future payments, it is done so by using tokenization. This means credit card data isn’t found within our solution, thus making it worthless to cybercriminals.

Is our IVR Healthcare solution compatible with your existing EMR/EHR practice management software?

All transactions made through Intelligent Contacts award-winning HIPAA HITRUST payment technologies (including our Intelligent Patient Portal, Hosted Contact Center, and our P2PE certified solution) report back to your system of record.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade one part of your billing process or the whole enchilada, we can help!


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