Five Different Studies Reveal Text Messaging Improves Patient Experience and Outcomes

As time passes, mobile technology allows people to find new ways to make life easier. In the same way, healthcare providers can improve patient lives and business goals by embracing the use of text messaging. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several examples of how text messaging can impact the healthcare industry.

Here are five examples:

1. Emergency Department Follow-Up

In this 2014 study, text messages improved post-ED discharge outpatient follow-up visits.

Participants: 374 English and Spanish-speaking patients
Results: 72.6% appointment adherence rate among texting group versus 62.1% in the non-texting group.


2. Texting the Care Team

A 2016 studied the effect on the number of delays in care and hospital stays. Results concluded texting can be more effective than typical paging systems.

Participants: 11,500 patients at two hospitals
Results: 14 percent reduction in hospital stays among patients over the course of a year (about 0.77 days) using text messaging.


3. Patient Attendance

A 2017 study focused on text message reminders and patient attendance for a government-funded diabetes clinic in Hong Kong.

Participants: 248 subjects
Results: 92.9% attendance among those receiving text messages versus 81.4% in the non-SMS group.


4. Preoperative SMS Reminders


This July 2018 study focused text messaging and pre-op reminders. There was an improvement among those who were getting SMS reminders.

Participants: 301 patients in a call group, 298 in a SMS group
Absence in Dysfunction: 75% in SMS group vs. 61% in the call group
Risk difference: 15%

The results also site a significant improvement in compliance.



5. Appointments and Patient Communications


A North Florida Women’s Care added a text message component to their services in order to assist with appointment management and timely patient response.

Results: Physicians are seeing 100 more patients per month ($10,000 in monthly revenue). They also saw a 25 percent increase in referral appointments (about 1,100 people).

We make text messaging a part of our patient communication/payment services. Contact us today about improving results with patients and payments.

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