Sales Campaigns

Leverage Technology To Fire Up New Sales.

In sales, time is everything. Constraints set by limited resources and business hours can make getting your message across a challenge. Receive a better response by letting your contacts review your message at their convenience. Deliver your message through multiple channels according to client preference, so your contacts can see what they need, when they need it, and where they need it. Use the Intelligent Contacts solution to conduct surveys, gauge new product interest, update clients on existing products, or connect with new prospects above industry standard delivery rates. Best of all, manage it all from one convenient location. More »

Intelligent Contacts also offers a comprehensive payment processing solution called Intelligent Payments. Send convenient payment reminders to customers and automatically enable clients to pay any time from any place. You can collect even when the office is closed. Intelligent Payments also offers pay by phone pay by text features.  More »

Intelligent Contact’s customizable solutions make sending out personalized messages easier than ever. You can even increase your marketing scope by sending personalized messages to your target audiences. With us, advertising your product is simple, cost effective, and unique to you.

Instantly announce new or updated products and receive feedback from customers. All you need is an internet connection and a contact list. At Intelligent Contacts, we have years of experience in contact delivery and technology services. We continuously research the ever-changing world of communication so you’ll always have the best services available.