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Intelligent Contacts’ payment systems offer many secure, practical ways for your clients to pay on their schedule. Let them pay on their own schedule with a personalized payment plan. Enable them to pay via phone, IVR, text, or a custom web portal. Increase customer satisfaction and dramatically cut down on missed and late payments. From billing reminders and notifications to account management and payments of all kinds, Intelligent Contacts makes it possible.

We know how important sensitive payment information is, that’s why Intelligent Contacts maintains top-notch security systems. Partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems, we offer one of the only PCI certified P2PE solutions in existence. Dramatically decrease your vulnerability to attack. Explore the many different payment solutions Intelligent Contacts offers to help you generate more revenue.

Who are millennials and why should you care about their consumer preferences?


Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are widely defined as anyone born between 1976 and 2000. they are the generation who has grown up saturated in marketing at every level. From TV to internet, to social media to mobile devices, Generation Y has entered the marketplace fully aware everything and everyone around them is out to sell them something. And they are eager to buy.

A recent Nielsen report cites this generation spends $65 billion a year and influences more than $1 trillion in total consumer spending.

This is why you should care about the consumer preferences of millennials—they not only have a lot of money to spend—they also tell all of their friends about the brands they like.

Discover five business “must haves” to engaging the growing millennial mindset in this free resource guide.

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