Survey and Research

Instant Versatility

Utilize any channel: phone, web, email, even text message. Reach thousands in seconds.

Manage Anywhere

Create, monitor, and manage surveys from anywhere with an internet connection.

Collect More

Having more contact methods means you can get more responses in less time.

Personalize It

Personalized communication makes customers happier and increases response rates.

Don't Be That Guy.

You’ve seen those people walking around with clipboards, struggling to get the attention of a passerby, let alone maintain it. Don’t be that guy. Conduct automated surveys via phone, web, e-mail, and even text message. It’s convenient for you and for your contacts, which means you get better results without the pain of constant rejection.

Unprecedented Data Collection.


More Answers

By connecting with people the way they prefer, you make the surveys more accessible and easier to respond to.

Faster Feedback

Convenient contact methods and automated reminders allow contacts to respond at their convenience.

Better Management

Automatically collect and consolidate data for easy viewing, management, and use.

Happy, Happy, Happy.

Personalized communication increases user satisfaction and interaction, giving you access to more data than ever. Intelligent Contact’s messaging system enables you to send surveys to your clients in the way that’s most convenient for them. With just a few simple clicks, send out texts and emails to contacts of your choice begin gathering feedback almost instantly. This personalized communication increases user satisfaction and interaction, giving you even more data than ever.

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