Intelligent Transfers

Stay In The Flow

Keep call after call going to your best agents. More right party contacts every day.

Verify Calls

We filter out all the calls you don’t want and send you only the ones you do.

It's All Yours

Set all the rules you want: Who to call, when to call, which agents get priority, and so much more.

Automatic Compliance

We keep you within TCPA and FDCPA regulations at all times.

Only In America.

Intelligent Transfers workers are based only in the USA, never offshore. No more accent barriers or cultural challenges to overcome. Even better, you can feel great knowing you’re doing your part to help the U.S. economy.


more Right Party Contacts to your top collectors day after day

Line Up Call After Call After Call.

Maximize each day by providing one revenue opportunity after another. Intelligent Transfers verifies Right Party Contacts (RPCs), filtering out answering machines, unanswered numbers, bad numbers, and dead ends. Verified calls go right to your top agents, so they can be productive all day long.

Make It Yours.

Instantly scale agents up or down. Add, change, and delete contacts. Decide who to call, who not to call, and when to call them. When you customize Intelligent Transfers information, you see real-time changes. We even send back result files with call outcomes, including the calls we filtered out, so you can intelligently track and refine your lists.


Revenue increase per collector


RPC calls transfered with proven script


Customizable for you


Acronym No More.


Secure File Delivery

All we need is a phone number, first name, and unique identifier. Files are securely uploaded to Intelligent Contacts—never to a dialer.

Calling Is Compliant

We identify cell phone numbers and check each call against the Do Not Call List. Every call made uses either preview and/or 100% manual dialing, according to your direction.

Make Sense Of Regulations

We make compliance easy to understand and even easier to maintain. Our tools are designed to help you track and manage compliance without even breaking a sweat.

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