Intelligent SMS

Personalized | Two-Way-Enabled | Text to Pay

Rethink Marketing

Build loyalty and get incredible read rates by using SMS messages to reach your audience.

Personalize Messaging

Instantly send personalized, interactive texts to thousands of your contacts.

Manage Anywhere

Easily create, view, and manage SMS campaigns from anywhere on earth.

Infinite Flexibility

Target your campaigns, schedule messages to send later, integrate social networks, and more.

OMG... No. Way.

Think Intelligent SMS is too good to be true? Experience the Intelligent Contacts SMS interactive demo for yourself. Reply, interact, and see how it works. Keep in mind that although it seems real, it’s only a demo. (That means the billing demo doesn’t actually bill anything.)

Text “ICdemo” to 55678.

You can actually try the Intelligent SMS system right now.


Of adults own cell phones


Of US households rely solely on cell phones


Of text messages are read by subscribers

Learn how your customers want to communicate and pay, and let them take control.

Market Smarter, Not Harder.

Target Your Texts

Use customer data and preferences to personalize text messaging campaigns.

Automated Interaction

Set up the options you want and leave the rest to the customer. They can interact with the messages as much as they want, all at their convenience.

Watch Revenue Grow

Texts cost pennies, not dollars, and they give you higher response and conversion rates. Save money, make money. It’s instant success.

Manage Anywhere

Create and manage campaigns from a comprehensive dashboard you can access anywhere. See detailed reporting, campaign statistics, and more information designed to help you.

Customize Campaigns

Target your campaigns, schedule message sending, automatically merge data fields, and integrate RSS Feeds and social media pages. Deliver anything from videos and pictures to ringtones, wallpapers, and web links.

Automate Control

Let Intelligent SMS keep track of your contact list, including opt-outs. Get email or SMS notifications for inbound messages. It’s all designed for your convenience and, of course, the convenience of your customers.

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