Cloud-Based Predictive Auto Dialing Software | TCPA Compliant ATDS

Intelligent Contacts industry-leading dialing technology uses four predictive algorithms to increase the number of live connections agents make every day—200-300% more compared to manual dialing. Using machine learning, our predictive dialer identifies and bypasses busy signals, disconnected lines, answering machines, and calls sent to voicemail. Agents stayed engaged and productive, handling one live call after another.

Easy Management

Easily customize dashboards, create and monitor teams, and maintain productivity from anywhere on earth.

Reach More People

No more wasting time on answering machines. Increase contact rates and spend more time talking to those who matter.

Intelligent Call Routing

Keep calls going to the right people. Intelligent Call Routing means your clients never get a busy signal again.

Easy Compliance

Our built in tools help make TCPA compliance a breeze. No more having to worry about time zone rules or Do Not Call Lists.

Increase contact rates by up to 300% with our Hosted Predictive Dialer

Increase the productivity and results of all of your outbound calling campaigns with a hosted predictive dialer. Reach more right party contacts, increase sales, and collect more using the power of predictive dialing analytics. Every additional minute your team spends in one-on-one conversations with customers increases revenue opportunities and the likelihood of better outcomes.

Intelligent Contacts Hosted Predictive Dialer outperforms other solutions by using 3 different predictive algorithms to accurately place enough calls to keep your representatives busy and dropped calls to an absolute minimum. Instantly increase the number of live connections by automatically eliminating time killers like busy signals, fax machines, unanswered calls, or connections to voice mailboxes. Using machine learning, our predictive algorithms automatically adjust dial pacing according to your latest contact center data—call durations, wrap times, hold times.

Increase contact rates by 200-300% compared to manual calling. Clients switching from other dialers have increased their contact rates by 20-50%.

The best predictive dialers reach right party contacts and make communication faster and easier.


Answering Machines Detected


More right party contacts compared to other auto dialers


Increase in revenue producing activity each day from agents

Intelligent Call Routing helps contact centers reach their consumers.

Missed Calls Are Missed Money

Abandoned calls and poor inbound call handling are extremely expensive. They represent missed opportunities and, worse yet, lost revenue. Save those calls through Intelligent Call Routing. Unlimited line capacity means inbound callers never get a busy signal. Inbound calls have priority to talk with agents. Even in overflow situations, both inbound and outbound calls can be routed to other qualified groups, teams, or individuals.

How to Make Automated Dialing TCPA Compliant

Choose from a variety of dialing modes and other options to make your dialer work best for you. Intelligent Contacts has your back with Predictive, Progressive, Preview, and Power dialing as well as features designed to keep you TCPA compliant. Never worry about time zone rules or Do Not Call lists again. It’s all automated and easily managed within the Intelligent Contacts suite. Even add custom DNC lists, utilize call recording and analytics tools, and review automatically-generated compliance reports.
Intelligent Contacts is a compliance-focused partner for your business.

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