Intelligent Messaging

Reach Thousands In Minutes – NOW.

No matter what your message, Intelligent Contacts can deliver it within minutes using YOUR voice, text to speech, or our professional voice talent. Intelligent Messaging is entirely web-based, so you can be up and messaging literally within ten minutes. Use in conjunction with or independently from our dialing and call center solutions. No subscriptions, no commitments, no capital expense, and no overhead — just results.

Did You Know…?

Response rates using personalized messages are 400% higher than using Text to Speech!

Personalized Messaging.

Deliver voice messages with a decidedly human touch. Use your voice, agent voices, or our professional voice talent to create thousands of one-of-a-kind, personalized messages in just a few minutes. Intelligent Messaging has created several message series to generate interest and call backs for different vertical markets.

Voice Broadcast Messaging.

Record messages from any phone or upload high-quality audios from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and more.  Messages can be delivered immediately or scheduled for any time in the future. Utilize Text-to-Speech (TTS) to create messages that merge data from any sources. Insert dollar amounts, dates, appointment times, names, directions, phone numbers, and any other data you may need.

Text Message / SMS / Free to End User (FTEU) Text Messaging.

Enjoy read rates of 96% or more using one of the most popular communication mediums of the 21st century.  Any message, any network, and any subscriber.  The Intelligent Messaging platform allows two-way SMS communication between you and your contacts. Communicate quickly, effectively, and interactively. More »

For contacts where message charges are a potential obstacle, Intelligent Messaging offers FTEU messaging (free to end user). Message recipients are never charged for FTEU messages, regardless of their cell phone plan. More »

Stealth Messaging.

Deliver any voice message any time without the phone ever ringing. Broadcast informational updates, sales message, reminders, or similar notifications.  An outstanding way to communicate.  Eliminate potentially broken messages –Stealth Messaging guarantees quality delivery of the complete message every time. More »

Email Messaging.

Send electronic notices, electronic bills via EBPP, invoices, statements, payment notifications, and confirmations. More »

Interactive Messaging.

Answering machines and voicemail systems are differentiated from live answered calls. Play an interactive message for live answers and allow the customer to immediately connect with the appropriate resource – sales, accounts receivable, customer service, appointment scheduling, and more. More »

Fax Messaging.

Commercial environments still heavily rely on fax for sending documents.  Utilize fax services from the Intelligent Contacts Messaging Interface – no machines, no paper, no hassles.