Political Campaigns

United Communication

Use any channel, including text, email, and voice, to make sure your team and your supporters are always up to date.

Track Your Data

Let everyone know the latest polling statistics. Even create and send out your own polls to get supporter feedback.

Easier Contributions

Collect recurring and one-time contributions at any time, through any channel.

Custom Messaging

Personalize interactive messages for potential voters, target demographics or regions, and so much more.

All Eyes Are On You.

Technology is critical to the political landscape. Use it to your benefit or neglect it to your peril, but get Intelligent Contacts in your corner before your opponent does. From campaigning to fundraising, Intelligent Contacts stands by you. We unite the powers of voice, text, e-mail, and web messaging to increase your volume of support and help you measure results.

Special rates available for payment processing and merchant accounts

Why Intelligent Contacts?


Faster Communication

Notify constituents of appearances and conferences. Keep staff up to date with a constantly changing schedule.

Surveys and Research

Poll voters for opinions, use comprehensive data solutions to find out what areas to focus on or who to contact, and keep everyone up to date with the latest statistics.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Easy one-time or recurring contributions accepted at any time and through any method.

Connect With Voters.

However you decide to use it, Intelligent Contacts gives you the power to connect with hundreds of thousands of likely voters in minutes and see your support skyrocket. Target certain demographics and regions with each text, email, and voice campaign so your message resonates.

Give voters the ability to respond when and how it’s convenient for them. Intelligent Contacts consolidates all the incoming data so you can view and manage it all in one place.

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