How to Recognize Hidden Compliance Landmines in Your Contact Center


Your accounts receivable and revenue cycle management teams work hard to prepare for the challenges their contact centers face every day. However, some of the more substantial risks have hidden dangers underneath them. These are landmines, and merely stepping on one could result in a cataclysmic disaster for your organization.

For example, you may feel like your agents are well-trained in their communication skills with consumers. Yet, we live in an environment where that’s not enough, and compliance traps are everywhere. Here are some dangers to consider:

Contact centers are a lawsuit target

If you took a few seconds to search a phrase like, “How to sue a call center” (or a variation of that), you’d find plenty of content and advice. Consumers have all kinds of litigation resources at their fingertips, and all it takes is one frustrating call for inspire them to start the process. It’s also safe to assume many of your consumers already know a TCPA/compliance attorney or know a friend or family member who is connected to one.

Lawsuit traps and the "serial litigator"

There is a popular term among call centers these days – serial litigator.  These are attorneys who not only perfected the art of filing lawsuits against contact centers, they can also to share their strategies with disgruntled consumers.  For example, they know how to make turn the word “yes” into a FDCPA lawsuit.

Some compliance laws leave room for interpretation


How does your contact center define “a threat,” “misleading, or “automatic telephone dialing system”?  One reason to make sure your script and communication processes are fully optimized is the issue of interpretation.  Once you go to court over the question of “misleading” language, it’s your word against the consumer.

In an earlier article, we discussed the ways organizations can make their technology worthless by not fully utilizing their tools and benefits. In a similar way, using technology that doesn’t put compliance first, could be putting your business at serious financial risk.

At Intelligent Contacts, we’ve built a set of communication and payment solutions that set the bar for compliance-first technology. We’ve achieved the highest levels of security certifications in the industry.  That means we can help limit or eliminate DNC compliance liabilities and many of your compliance concerns.

  • PCI—we are a PCI-certified payment gateway
  • P2PE certified solutions—our point-to-point encryption devices can take your entire network out of scope
  • Security certifications
  • DNC compliance
  • Intelligent PBX that never falls into ATDS autodialer status
  • Complete TCPA and FDCPA reporting
  • Speech analytics that identify trap words and call escalations

Is Your Contact Center Exposed in Any of These Areas?


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