More Healthcare Companies Have Access to the Benefits of Payment Portals

By Scott Murray

We had our monthly company meeting a few days ago, and people had a lot of good news to share. However, there was one piece of news that caught my attention. Apparently, we talked to a potential client about providing a payment portal solution for their organization. They were already interested, but their enthusiasm increased further after they asked a simple question:

Can we add patient lab results to the portal?  

The answer was yes, and there was much rejoicing.

While I was thrilled to hear about the possibility of serving another new client, I found the question and reaction to be a little intriguing. The reason is because I have access to a portal through my doctor’s office. I’m able to see doctor visit recaps, lab results, prescriptions and more.

When I first signed up for this,I was pleased to drop the typical stress of waiting on a phone call to get lab results. However, I did wonder if I would read them correctly. How would I know if something wasn’t right?

Their answer? I’ll would get my lab results in the portal, and if there’s something wrong…they’ll call me as well. 

Simple enough.

However, my doctor’s office is part of a larger healthcare entity. In the past, it’s been easier for larger companies to gain access to technologies like medical communication software. After all, they have the disposable money and resources. Smaller and independent organizations (like the one we were talking with) wouldn’t be able to offer it to patients without:

  • Spending tons of money
  • Revamping their entire payment systems and processes
  • Outsourcing the solution through another company

So, our inquiring healthcare organization just found out that times had changed.

That’s the reason the lab result revelation was such a big deal on our call. I not only understand this now, but I’m also glad we’re a company that can not only make someone aware of a new technology, but offer it to them. 

Scott Murray is a content specialist for Intelligent Contacts who specializes in sharing insights about the revenue cycle management, accounts receiveable and collections industries.

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