How Intelligent Statements Track Billing Performance Using Unique Access Codes

One of the main features that makes a billing statement “intelligent” is the ability to track and measure what actions a consumer takes after opening the document. Knowing that information is crucial to improving customer experience and ROI. Payment portals that allow a consumer to access their account using a Unique Access Code, provide a huge opportunity to improve results using a data-driven process.

Unique Access Codes are auto-generated alphanumeric number sets that payers can use to reference their account when calling in, or enter instead of their account number when logging into a payment portal.

What’s the benefit? For patients, the benefit isn’t immediately noticeable—account numbers or unique access codes will both require a patient to find their statement to pull up their records. However, when used properly, Unique Access Codes can be used to shape and refine the consumer experience by catering to their preferred communication and payment preferences. 

Track Which Statement Design or Calls to Action Perform Best
It’s possible to link different Unique Access Codes to the same master account and then use that information to track which statement drove the consumer to respond. You can also track how that consumer decided to respond (spoke to a person, went online, or chose an automated phone system).
 This data can be used to deliver a more optimized experience in future business interactions. The data can also be used to optimize your messaging strategies globally—start doing more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

Another use for Unique Access Codes is to link a specific offer, like a “prompt pay code” to a specific statement.

Streamline Payments and Track Conversion Using QR Codes

There was a time when only the young folks knew how to use QR codes, but as smartphone use has exploded, everyone is joining the party. To make scanning QR codes even easier, it’s no longer necessary to download a special app. Apple and Android now include QR scanning capabilities right from your camera. Try it!

Did you know that a QR code can not only send someone to your website, but it can also automatically enter login information like an account number or Unique Access Code?

When consumers find out they can go from looking at a paper statement to arriving at your payment page with their account information already filled in, they’ll never want to call your office again!

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