Reseller Partners


Who is a Reseller Partner?

You’re a consultant, integrator, or technology professional that actively connects your clients to their end customers through the enterprise-level communication and payment solutions Intelligent Contacts provides.

Earn Reseller Fees

Leverage the investments you’ve already made in technology and business relationships by reselling our industry-leading products and services—the ultimate win-win!

Receive a continual revenue stream by connecting your existing clients and business contacts to our powerful suite of communication and payment solutions. You earn a commission for the clients you resell to and retain, and they save money and increase their efficiency.

Expand Your Brand With Our White Labeling Program

Your business contacts already have a brand of their own. We understand. With "white labeling," our industry leading communication and payment solutions become a seamless part of their established brand. This includes a mobile-optimized payment site that is completely customized and designed according to the brand standards of the client. Want to know more about what we do? Get our products and services fact sheet.

Our Partners.

We work with our partners to provide the best possible technology and service. These are the people who help make what we do possible. Want to see your name on this list? Have questions about becoming a partner?
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