Intelligent Connect

An On-Hold Speed Pass for Claims Denial Management Calls

No More Hold Music

No more long hold times associated with processing insurance reimbursement claims

IVR Navigation

We know which buttons to push when it comes to big insurance providers’ IVRs

Keep The Calls Coming

With multiple lines in the queue, you can finally make it through your claims list in one sitting

No Hardware, Software, Or Wasted Time

We can have your system up and running the very next day.

Yes... Please Hold.

Your agents might spend several hours of their day listening to the same clip of hold music over and over again as they wait to collect reimbursements from insurance companies. It’s frustrating, it’s boring, and it’s a quick drain on productivity. Intelligent Connect eliminates this time trapped in a queue, dramatically increasing both efficiency and revenue.
End long spans of on-hold time with Intelligent Connect.

Looking to filter out voicemail, dead ends, and bad numbers? Take a look at Intelligent Transfers.

An Insurance Speed Pass

Get to the front of the line with Intelligent Connect. We’ll navigate the insurance agency’s IVR and wait on hold for you so you can breeze through your stack of insurance claims and go back to doing what it is you do best—helping your patients get better.
Speed through the insurance claims and get back to what you do best.
Reduce that unnecessary hours buried in insurance claims.

Escape the Red Tape

Most insurance carriers only allow a certain number of unique claims to be submitted during each call. Once that number is met, the call ends and the process starts over. That might mean it takes days for hospital staff to process a list of insurance claims when, really, that time could be reduced to a few short hours.


More claims processed per day


Less time on hold


Insurance Provider IVRs Mapped

Still Wondering How It Works?

We navigate through the IVR prompts, wait on hold for the healthcare provider, and when the call is answered, it’s immediately transferred to you. All you have to do is talk with the agents. Instead of taking all day to work through your claims, you can breeze through them in a matter of hours. No more wait times, no more hold music, just productive call after productive call.

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