Payment IVR

Automate Payments, Empower Your Customers.

The Intelligent Contacts Payment IVR solution empowers your customers to make payments by phone 24/7. Payment IVR doesn’t require an agent or access to your website. Use Intelligent IVR to send automatic payment reminders and provide opportunities to credit card or ACH/eCheck payments. It’s simple and easy to set up, and makes collecting payments quick and pain free.

Make It All Yours.

Intelligent Contacts offers a highly flexible Payment IVR solution so you can customize it to fit your needs. Use your own voice, call flow, scripts, phone number, applications, and more, or use the resources we provide for you. Our intuitive and feature-rich solution allows you to manage transactions and reports in one location so everything is convenient and easy to use as well as completely customizable.

Keep Costs Low and Customer Satisfaction High.

Payment IVR reduces late payments by giving customers the option to pay from anywhere at any time. Instantly receive and authorize payments through PCI secure technology. All Intelligent Contacts solutions are cloud-based and center around competitive rates, saving you the costs of network, equipment, and programming. Best of all, you can reduce customer support expenses while improving customer experience. Eliminate stressful transfers and long hold times. Instead, let Payment IVR create a conversational, customer-centered payment experience. Implement a simple API to enable real-time exchange with your accounting, CRM, or ERP software. Each call is tailored to the customer. Multilingual support, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, and toll-free calling increase customer adoption of voice self-service and customer satisfaction. Customers can access the right information at the right time quickly and easily. When a customer needs more advanced assistance, Payment IVR automatically routes them to an appropriate agent who is provided with a real-time contextual preview of customer data and interactions so they can be truly helpful.