Pay By Text

Take Advantage of Technology.

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 2/3 of all Americans owned smartphones as of 2015, and texting is the most widely used feature. What if your company could harness this technology for payment processing? Intelligent Contacts’ Pay-By-Text solution enables you to send bill reminders and other account notifications to your customers. Customers authorize an account to be kept on file once and can immediately pay bills from any time and place with a single text.

As a component of Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), Pay-By-Text is engineered to help save you the time and money associated with traditional billing methods. Stop waiting for bills and payments to be delivered by the mail, where they may be lost or stolen. Instead, instantly send and receive payments that can be automatically approved. Collect at any time of the day or night, even outside of office hours., and say goodbye to the costs of paper, ink, postage, and processing that haunt traditional billing. More »

Personalize Communication.

Not only does Pay-By-Text connect those who prefer this method, but it can be used to connect customers to other payment options such as EasyPaymentNow, EasyPaymentLater, or our flagship payment portal Intelligent Negotiator. Provide consumers an option to reschedule a payment, opt-in to reminders, or even receive a link to your online payment site. All Intelligent Contacts solutions, including “Pay By Text”, work with existing CRM and practice management software to deliver a personalized service to everyone.

What does Pay By text Offer?

Pay By Text offers your clients a new way to make secure payments at any time from anywhere. With years in the industry, our trusted systems allow clients to make transactions through a simple SMS message. Say goodbye to agent-only payment collection. Process transactions 24/7, even when the office is closed. Pay By Text also reduces missed payments. Use it with Intelligent SMS to send bill reminders that can be paid by a single response. Keep up with technology and offer customers a new and more convenient way for them to pay. Revolutionize communication and payment options to keep your customers happy, reduce missed payments, and generate revenue.