Intelligent Transfers

Stay Ahead Of the Game.

Call screening technology and a myriad of regulations pertaining to how, when, and where consumers may be contacted have drastically reduced right party contact rates to 5%-10%. Profit margins have fallen along with them. As collection tactics have evolved, it is more difficult to find seasoned, well-trained collectors who can quickly become productive members of the team. Few companies scale comprehensive training programs to develop all agents into highly skilled collectors. In reality, most collection centers have a handful of top producers and many mediocre agents. Failure to develop key people leads to less effective calling and the ongoing tail-chasing exercise of recruiting, hiring, and training new hires to fill roles vacated by highly effective agents who moved on to greener pastures. Intelligent Transfers utilizes US based, highly skilled professionals to feed right party contacts your top agents. Warm transfers maximize each day by providing one revenue opportunity after another.

Deliver 300% More Right Party Contacts To Your Top Collectors.

The average collector only makes about 10 right party contacts in a typical day. Intelligent Transfers delivers ONLY right party contacts, often 30 to 50 per day, keeping top collectors producing throughout their entire shift. The IC Call Transfer program utilizes workers in the USA, never offshore, so there are no accent barriers or cultural challenges to overcome.

Minimize Wasted Time, Maximize Profits.

After daily call lists are loaded, scrubbed, and checked against the DNC, Intelligent Transfer call centers begin calling. Intelligent Transfers verifies right party contacts before sending them to your top collectors, filtering out answering machines, deceased, unanswered numbers, bad numbers, and dead ends.

Customize Your Campaign.

Intelligent Transfers allows you to instantly scale agents up or down and easily add, change, or delete records to maximize your profits. Decide who to call, who not to call, and when to call them; we’ll check your call lists against the DNC, provide cell phone identification and scrubbing, and follow 100% manual and/or preview calls according to your direction using a non-ATDS phone system, so you can maintain full compliance with TCPA and FDCPA regulations. Transfer agents only require a phone number, first name, and unique identifier. Provide as much or as little additional data as you want, so transfer agents only see the information you want them to see. Result files, including each number and the outcome of the call, even those filtered out, are delivered directly back to your system so you can track and refine your lists.

Maintain Full Compliance With Ease.

CSV formatted dial files are delivered securely via SFTP or uploaded directly to the Intelligent Contacts web platform, never to a dialer. Call result files are transferred back in a mirror format, making results easy to access and read. All calls undergo a check against the DNC, cell phone identification and scrubbing, and follow 100% manual and/or preview dialing according to your direction, all using a non-ATDS phone system so you can maintain full compliance with TCPA and FDCPA regulations. More »

IMMEDIATE Return on Investment.

  • Increase daily right party contacts 3x
  • Increase revenue 50% per collector
  • Low abandon rates
  • Proven script typically transfers 95% of RPC calls
  • Highly trained, master transfer agents
  • High skill, low-cost revenue booster