Intelligent PBX

Guaranteed TCPA Compliance.

Intelligent PBX is designed for TCPA compliance. A non-ATDS system, it never stores numbers, makes automatic calls, or is able to dial on its own. It operates independently from dialers and, unlike traditional PBX systems, has extra protection like vulnerability scanning and IP whitelisting to keep all your information safe. No cutting corners. No risk of violating TCPA regulations. More »

Save Time. Save Money.

Long gone are the days of complex PBX systems, line capacity limits, poor audio quality, and hefty maintenance fees. Intelligent PBX is delivered over your internet connection via Communication as a Service (CaaS), eliminating the need for costly PBX hardware. Intelligent PBX evolves on its own and scales with you. Expand without worrying about line limits or outdated technology. Because Intelligent PBX comes from the cloud, you can change settings, and features, and upgrade your system instantaneously. There’s never any additional hardware, software, or maintenance costs. Manage changes, adds, drops, auto-attendants, hunt groups, call centers, and more in real time through the user-friendly online portal. Intelligent Contacts even offers actionable data to help you improve communications as your company grows.

Stay Connected.

Keep all your employees operating under the same PBX system. Whether coworkers are across the office or across the globe, no one is more than an extension call away. Even incorporate mobile phones, home phones, and branch offices. If your main system goes down, Intelligent PBX can automatically implement a mirror-image backup system so you can maintain communication. As with all Intelligent Contacts solutions, Intelligent PBX is compatible with all of your existing software. It can even be up and running by the very next day.

Take Advantage of PBX Plus.

Enable advanced features through Intelligent PBX Plus. Intelligent PBX Plus provides agents with preview card before placing the call. Agents make each call individually via a single click after reviewing the information, saving time while maintaining full compliance.