Intelligent Negotiator

Collect Money 24x7x365 – Even When The Office Is Closed.

Add a collection army to your organization without adding staff.

Intelligent Negotiator never eats, sleeps, makes off-color remarks, or wants commission and benefits. Simple and non-threatening the Intelligent Negotiator allows account owners (consumers or business) to sign-on securely to pay in full, negotiate a settlement, or arrange a payment plan. Far more powerful than a simple “make a payment” site Intelligent Negotiator unemotionally evaluates payment arrangement and settlement offers based on your internal business rules.

Settlement Rules ensure that money isn’t left on the table.

Historically, Intelligent Negotiator has collected 13% more of the balance due than live collectors. The Intelligent Negotiator portal uses sophisticated formulas and algorithms to meet specific criteria established by your organization from the top all the way down to the account level. Business rules control the length of a settlement, the frequency of payments, required downpayment, and the parameters for periodic payments. Proprietary algorithms ensure optimal arrangements that fit customer needs and budget while maximizing collections over the shortest period of time possible.

Payments are immediately captured electronically.

Accept all regular payment channels currently accepted by your business including credit card, debit card, and electronic checks. Future installment payments are approved and scheduled for automatic processing making the process hassle free. Other IC solutions, such as Intelligent Messaging (voice, SMS/text, and e-mail) support the Intelligent Negotiator by sending out payment reminders, required notifications, and electronic confirmations. Working together, the Intelligent Contacts solutions lower your DSO and cost of collection.

Convenient for you.

Intelligent negotiator allows you to easily set up simple bounds by which your customer can create their own payment plan. It is simple and easy to set up, and you can change it at any time. Let customers pay at their continence. This simple solution streamlines your payment negotiation process, and allows you to collect payments in a way convenient for you.

Customers prefer it!

Research shows that consumers prefer paying online 26 to 1 versus talking to an agent. In fact, 56% of consumers who log into the Intelligent Negotiator make a payment. Raise customer satisfaction and collect more at a faster rate.