Intelligent IVR

Streamline Communication.

Virtually all organizations large and small save significant cost and time by automating communication and utilizing electronic channels rather than relying solely on traditional methods. Intelligent Contacts makes it easy!

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a comprehensive, multipurpose tool that simplifies company-customer communication. Customers interact over the phone through touchtone or verbal responses to find or input information. Intelligent IVR works with your existing phone system to streamline any business function that can be broken into a series of steps. Deliver information to customers and securely take phone payments at their convenience. At a minimal cost, this expands “business hours” to 24x7x365, increases customer satisfaction, and accelerates the revenue cycle so payments come faster. Rather than trying to remember to call during business hours, customers call on their schedule. Win-Win.

Give Control to the Customer.

Intelligent IVR handles routine inbound inquiries about commonly requested information like hours, location, accounts, scheduling, balances, payments, and orders. Customers can access their information from any phone, anytime day or night. In addition, Intelligent IVR integrates with all of our self-service payment solutions to provide a complete self-service solution. More »

Process Payments 24/7, No Agent Required.

One of the top reasons customers call the Intelligent IVR is to make a payment. It enables secure payment directly from any phone 24×7 and delivers real-time payment authorization. Payments from all sources, including IVR, can be posted back to your EMR or practice management system. More »

All Payments, One Source.

Every payment source and every payment method tracked in one location. Intelligent Payments gives businesses the ability to accept all cards, check, and even cash payments online, over the phone, via mobile devices, and of course at the counter. Payments from all channels are accessible in a single online payment gateway with complete reporting, comprehensive search options, and instant export capability in formats compatible with EMR/EHR and practice management software. More »

A true payment partner, Intelligent Payments alleviates most of the PCI compliance burden around account data storage by securely storing payment data in a PCI certified payment vault. Significant PCI scope reduction is possible by using our certified P2PE solution. It can exempt the entire corporate network from PCI requirements! Taking the PCI burden is easy for us, as we are third party audited and annually certified for PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, SOC2 Type II, and FISMA, ensuring we exceed security standards. More »

Effortlessly Collect and Analyze Data.

Reduce delinquencies and missed appointments with automated voice reminders. The Intelligent Messaging component of the IVR can send payment notifications, prescription refill reminders, appointment scheduling messages, or other time sensitive information with just a few clicks. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to receive real-time feedback on key performance metrics instead of reading about it on a review site. Combine Intelligent IVR with our text and email solutions. Intelligent IVR and Intelligent Messaging effortlessly connect your practice with customers in the way they want to interact with you. More »

Maximize Your Resources.

Intelligent IVR reduces both inbound and outbound calls to the office staff by up to 80%, maximizing efficiency while minimizing operating costs. This free time increases employee productivity, job satisfaction, and gives customers an easy way to instantly find what they need. For customers who need a more personal touch, reaching a staff member is as simple as pressing a key.

Fast, Flexible, and Just For You.

Intelligent IVR is completely customizable, so your IVR system can be as unique as your company. Choose a voice and use our call flow template for fast deployment or create custom scripts and call flows to fit specific needs. Leverage our professional voice talent – in many languages – or record your own custom messages with in-house talent. More »

No IT Mess. Instant Success.

Intelligent IVR is entirely cloud-based, eliminating hardware/software costs and additional burdens on IT staff. Nothing to buy, maintain, or fix. Best of all, Intelligent IVR can work alongside any existing phone system so there’s no replacing, converting, or forklifting out. Implementation time is generally a few hours to a few days. Making you look like a hero comes standard.