Intelligent Contacts Predictive Dialer

Reaching Contacts Is The Key To Success.

The more time agents spend in meaningful conversation with decision makers, the more productive they are and the more revenue grows. Intelligent Contacts turns idle time into productive time. Increase contact rates by 200% – 300% compared to manual calling. Clients switching from other dialers have increased their contact rates of 20 – 50%. More »

Intelligent Contacts Is Truly Predictive.

Unlike legacy premise-based dialers, the Intelligent Dialer has no line capacity limits. Unlock the productive potential in having unlimited line capacity available rather than having to choose 2:1 or 3:1. Several recent studies show that outbound sales campaigns require 7:1 dialing ratios in order to keep agents talking 40+ minutes per hour. In some markets, like collections, those ratios may need to be as high as 17:1.

Intelligent Contacts removes the guesswork. Four different predictive algorithms automatically adjust dialer pacing based on real-time statistics. It considers factors like wrap-up time, average handling time, schedules, and average number of contacts to give you the best results possible. Intelligent Contacts enables our clients to run circles around competitors still operating with ratios from twenty years ago. More »

Intelligent Answering Machine Detection.

Most dialers correctly recognize about 70% of answering machines, voicemail, and operator intercept calls. That means that agents still receive 30% of answering machine calls. Intelligent Answering Machine Detection (Intelligent AMD) boosts performance to 95% or more. Keep the RIGHT calls going to agents. This alone elevates contact rates by 30% or more day after day. More »

Intelligent Call Routing Prevents Losing “Money Calls”.

Abandoned calls and poor inbound call handling are extremely costly. They represent missed opportunities and, worse yet, lost revenue. Intelligent Contacts helps save those calls through Intelligent Call Routing. Unlimited line capacity means inbound callers never get a busy signal. Inbound calls have priority to talk with agents. Even in overflow situations, both inbound and outbound, calls can be routed to other qualified groups, teams, or individuals. More »

We’ve Got You Covered.

Choose between a variety of dialing modes and other options to make the Intelligent Contacts Predictive Dialer work best for you. Intelligent Contacts has your back with Predictive, Progressive, Preview, and Power dialing as well as features designed to keep you TCPA compliant. Never worry about time zone rules or Do Not Call lists again. It’s all automated and easily managed within the Intelligent Contacts suite. Even add custom DNC lists, utilize call recording and analytics tools, and review automatically generated compliance reports. More »