Intelligent Care

The Next Level of Care.

Intelligent Contacts facilitates communication between healthcare providers and their patients, regardless of generation. Every patient has different communication styles and preferences. Most Baby Boomers prefer a more personal touch, Gen Xers enjoy exercising their independence, and Gen Y and Millennials often favor the speed and convenience of smartphones and tablets. With these differences in style, how can providers make every patient feel special?

The Intelligent Care solution combines voice, text/SMS, email, and web self-service technologies to provide the perfect balance of automation and personalization. It caters to each patient’s preferences without overburdening staff. Communicating with patients through their preferred method feels more engaging and personalized. As a result, patients feel more connected, valued, and cared for. By feeling they have control, they report higher overall satisfaction. Your patients feel more nurtured and supported and, as a result, describe receiving a higher level of care.

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Scheduling and Pre-Registration

Healthcare professionals know how stressful the thought of an operation or specialist visit can be for patients as well as their loved ones. The Intelligent Care solution is designed to ease the anxieties and concerns of patients and their families while making surgery and specialist appointments as convenient as possible. The Intelligent Contacts predictive dialing system calls patients and connects them with the hospital’s Centralized Scheduling Team optimizing both patient and hospital representative’s time.

Intelligent Contacts increases contact rates 300% vs manual calling and 27% over other predictive dialers. The software easily imports call lists and other data to make registration campaigns successful and the IC dialer is integrated with several major scheduling software packages. Appointment reminders are delivered to patients via their preferred communication method including – voice reminders, text/SMS messages, or email.

Appointment and Scheduling is powered by the IC Dialer which includes:

  • Blended Agent Dialing – Blends inbound and outbound calls for the same team. Outbound campaigns maximize agent talk-time by automatically speeding up and slowing down the dialer to perfectly balance agent time and avoid dropped calls. Ideal for appointment setting and/or pre-registration.
  • Automated Message Delivery – Your message delivered in your voice, a staff member’s voice, professional voice talent, or use any of our text to speech voices. Easily insert patient data, names, times, dates, and much more seamlessly into the message.
  • 100% Cloud Based – Easy to implement, zero infrastructure required, and no capital expense. In fact, many clients are up and running the same day or next day!

For a complete list of features click here to visit our IC Dialer Page

Patient Reminders and Notifications

Reduce Missed Appointments By 30% or More!

Missed appointments are costly and time is the one resource that can never be recovered. Staff time is incredibly valuable and using them to make manual reminder calls is inefficient. Intelligent Care includes automated voice, text, and email reminder tools for friendly and efficient patient reminders. Communicate to patients in the way they prefer to hear from you. Intelligent Call Routing instantly transfers patients to office staff or a scheduling agent when they need to talk to someone. Make “no shows” a thing of the past and keep staff focused on their high-value responsibilities.

How IC Clients Use Patient Reminders and Patient Notifications.

Remind patients of appointments – Clients report a 30%+ reduction in “no shows.” Provide a friendly prompt for patients to schedule follow-up appointments and annual preventative care.

Broadcast Messaging – Send messages to specific groups of patients or let everyone know the office is closed due to inclement weather. Announce new procedure, product, or service offering. Inform patients when a physician needs to change office hours.

And more – announce product recalls, send bill payment reminders, deliver lab results, present special offers, and recontact former patients who have not visited lately.

My Staff Already Makes Reminder Calls.

That’s good, but do you know what their time costs you each day? Each month? Each year? Do they keep calling lines that are busy or never answer? Do they make those calls each and every day? Do they spend 2 minutes of valuable time to leave a message?

Did you know . . . Almost 80% of calls reach voicemail or answering machines. Instead of spending valuable staff time leaving messages, utilize Intelligent Care automation to leave a personalized message in your own voice, a staff members voice, or professional voice talent. The Patient Reminder and Patient Notification components of Intelligent Care save the time and money it takes to make daily reminder calls.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Preventing unnecessary readmission is a challenge due to the complexity of diseases and social situations. Most hospital stays are short. After discharge, continued healing is dependent on the patient and family caregivers following instructions they may or may not have completely understood. Unfortunately, many patients lack the support they need for optimal recovery at home. Left alone, patients are often confused about medications, therapy, and follow-up procedures, and all too often make their best guess without asking their provider. While there is no one perfect solution, Intelligent Care includes multiple components, each playing a key role in patient care and promoting recovery.

  • Live Voice: Ideal for patients at high risk of readmission, Intelligent Contacts predictive dialer fills the need of connecting patients with nursing staff, social workers, case managers, or volunteers by managing inbound and outbound call campaigns. 300% more productive than manual dialing, IC maximizes staff productivity without sacrificing a personal touch. More »
  • Automated Message: Reduce readmittance and make your patients happier by taking a simple, proactive step. An effective follow-up for many patients is an unobtrusive message. After receiving a message, patients report higher satisfaction and a feeling that the provider is more committed to their long-term health. Use Intelligent Messaging to give patients an opportunity to take a quick survey or schedule a follow-up appointment automatically. Messaging puts the patient in control. If they are experiencing complications with their recovery, have questions about procedures or medications, or need assistance, they can instantly connect to helpful staff. If recovery is going well, the call is perceived as a friendly gesture and builds patient loyalty. More »
  • Text/SMS Message: Many patients under 30 communicate extensively via text message. Texting has proven to be an incredibly effective follow-up tool and the Intelligent Contacts SMS solution supports instant two-way communication. In addition to simple messages, staff can include web links to post-discharge instructions, worksheets, and other helpful information. Like voice messaging, SMS puts patients in control of communication without interruption while adding a friendly way to communicate in the way they prefer. More »
  • E-Mail: Easily send patient reminders, send follow-up referrals, and informally check up on their recovery progress. Email is the ideal channel to provide web links and easy access to care instructions, therapy worksheets, notes, e-cards, preventative care information, and newsletters. The IC email system is also the perfect way to solicit patient feedback through surveys and easily measure patient satisfaction. More »

Payment Processing

All Payment Channels, One Source.

Intelligent Payments is the component of Intelligent Care that gives hospitals and healthcare providers the ability to accept all card and check payments online, over the phone, via mobile devices, Payment IVR, and of course, in person. Payments from all channels are accessible in a single online gateway with complete reporting, comprehensive search options, and instant export capability.
A true payment partner, Intelligent Payments alleviates the majority of the PCI compliance burden around card storage by securely storing payment data in our vault, and administers a PCI program for all merchants for easy compliance. Payment solutions are compatible with all CRM, practice management, and financial management software and a number of real-time software integrations are available.

    • Merchant Accounts – Increase sales by accepting credit and debit cards securely with Intelligent Payments. Whether you are a brick and mortar retailer, online merchant, take payments through a phone/tablet, or all of the above, Intelligent Contacts can help you complete the sales cycle and get cash in the bank. Outstanding service and exceptional rates for Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, plus pre-paid cards, PayPal, and cash equivalent plastic cards such as “Pay Near Me”. More »
    • ACH / eChecks – Accept consumer and commercial payments directly from bank accounts. Checks accepted in person may be easily converted into electronic transactions and the facility can accept check payment by phone or through the web payment site. Funds are automatically deposited into the account(s) of your choice. More »
    • Online and Mobile Payments – No need to labor over the daunting task of building your own payment site. The Intelligent Payments solution provides a web portal that’s easy for you to customize and even easier for your customers to use. Let patients manage their accounts, schedule one-time or recurring payments, and update bank or card information all online. Works with your existing hospital or practice management software. More »
    • Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) – Send electronic statements and collect payments directly from the invoices, via SMS messaging, or through an online web portal. Slash mailing costs and get paid faster. Electronic billing integrates seamlessly with the entire Intelligent Payments suite and works with your existing software. More »
    • Charity Care Application – Enable patients to apply for charity care online. Every document, form, and field filled out the first time, available in one place online, without the cost and time taken up by snail mail. View and manage applications from anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. More »

Electronic Billing – EBPP

Securely deliver bills, invoices, and statements to consumers or businesses through Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP). There’s no need for an external website: each transaction can be completed from the bill itself. Decrease processing time by automating your billing system and eliminate the costs associated with postage and paper. EBPP is compatible with every other Intelligent Contacts solution, so it’s even easier to save you and your consumers the time, money, and frustration of traditional billing methods. More »

Online Self-Service

  • Online and Mobile Payments – Creating a payment site for your business can be a daunting task. Intelligent Payments has you covered with a customizable web portal that is easy for you to use and even easier for your customers to pay and manage their accounts. Schedule one-time or recurring payments or update bank and card information all online. And of course, everything works with your existing software. More »
  • Intelligent Negotiator – Any business that sends a bill has some delinquent accounts. Proactively manage those accounts with the Intelligent Contacts solutions and direct debtors to the Intelligent Negotiator to work out a settlement, payment plan, or other payment arrangements. It always follows your business rules and negotiates without any human involvement. Collection dollars flow right into your bank account via Intelligent Payments. Intelligent Negotiator is an exceptional tool to tame the A/R beast. More »

Online Settlement

Enable your company to collect money constantly, even when the office is closed. Intelligent Negotiator allows customers and businesses to pay accounts in full, negotiate a settlement, or arrange a payment plan. Intelligent Negotiator unemotionally evaluates payment arrangement and settlement offers based on complex algorithms and guided by internal business rules you decide. The Intelligent Negotiator can automatically send payment reminders, required notifications, and electronic confirmations. Reduce delinquencies and late payments by accepting payments immediately through multiple channels, all supported by Intelligent Negotiator. More »