Easy Payment Now

Enable Customers to Pay Online.

EasyPaymentNow makes accepting secure payments online simple. No set up required. Begin taking payments online the same day you sign up, no monthly commitment or recurring monthly charges. Users can easily input their information and pay instantly through any method. Quick to set up, simple to use. Low cost, low maintenance, designed to be secure and efficient.

Get Paid Instantly.

No waiting for payments to show up in the mail. No time spent on the phone laboring to process cards and checks. Instead, enable your customers to pay any amount, at any time, though any method, and from any location. Simultaneously increase customer satisfaction and collect payments faster.

Sign-up is easy. Fill out a secure form and, once your information is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive your customer payment site address and back office logins. Immediately begin to receive payments 24/7 and receive instant email notifications of every transaction made on your site.

Process Payments Internally.

Empower your business to process payments internally. Your online back office includes a Credit/Debit Card terminal and eChecks for transactions made in your office. Utilize tools like transaction reports, batch processing, check verifications, and recurring payments.

Benefit From Instant Payments.

With an EasyPaymentNow customer payment site, your business will quickly see the benefits of getting paid faster. No more waiting for payments to show up in the mail or time spent on the phone processing cards and checks. You will receive instant email notifications of all transactions made on your site. More »