Charity Care Application

A Revolution in Charity Care

Imagine charity care in a whole new light. Applications completed, documents submitted, cases approved or declined, all hassle-free. Intelligent Contacts’ Charity Care Application makes this dream a reality. Our easy to use site offers a simple, user-friendly process through which patients can fill out forms at their convenience. Customize the forms based on information you want to see. After an application is submitted, review it and all submitted documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Process applications quickly and easily or view client profiles and campaign information, including actionable data. You can even export forms submitted to you directly from the website. Easier for you. Easier for your patients.

Save Money

Eliminate the costs of paper, ink, and postage involved in the traditional application process. Our communication forms keep you in contact with all your clients. Our system is entirely online, creating a paperless and cost effective system. Keep submitted documents in a single location. Receive and process information at unprecedented rates. Dramatically decrease resubmissions. Our Charity Care Application makes sure all required information is present before the application can be submitted, so you only have to go through each submission ONCE.

Customers Love It.

Submitting applications just became much more convenient. Allow patients to save and resume their work at their own leisure. Send reminders for unsubmitted applications. Let patients check on their application status and send notifications when their case has been accepted or declined. Schedule email and text notifications or send on an as needed basis to keep applicants up to date with their progress. Minimize frustration, maximize patient satisfaction.

Applications Made Easy.

We ensure that you only have to process each form once. Our online submission tools help your patients make sure that all required fields are filled in before submission. Eliminate wasted time spent on unfinished forms, missing documents, and resubmissions. Instead, make charity care applications more efficient than ever. From creating and distributing user-friendly forms to streamlining submissions and managing completed applications, Intelligent Contacts is with you every step of the way.