Hosted Contact Center

Infinite Growth

Unlimited line capacity means the Virtual Contact Center grows infinitely with your business.

Integrate Everyone

Bring together groups and teams from across the country and even the globe.

Unbeatable Quality

Full call recording, automatic analysis, and actionable data for quality and compliance.

Smart Campaign Management

Manage agents, campaigns, and teams from anywhere on earth.

Break Free.

For the past 20 years, call center agents, team leads, supervisors, and managers worked out of a single site. Even large companies who could afford multiple sites faced challenges with capacity limits, scheduling challenges, and fluctuating call volumes. Long lead times, specialized infrastructure, and a dedicated IT staff were necessary drawbacks to more widespread call centers. Campaigns were confined to a group or team within a single location. Outsourcing was an all-or-nothing decision. With Intelligent Contacts, those restrictions are a thing of the past

Integrate Your Entire Team

Can your campaigns span sites, groups, time zones, and even continents? Intelligent Contacts seamlessly supports multiple sites and “work at home” agents. Share campaigns, groups, and teams across the office or across the globe. Advanced MPLS and IP telephony make your entire operation, even offshore sites, feel like they are just down the hall. Agents only need a phone, internet connection, and web browser to be connected. Easily and efficiently manage sites from a convenient web portal. Maximize your agents’ unique skills and easily establish overflow call rules to intelligently route calls to available agents with the right qualifications. Meanwhile, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Intelligent Routing make sure you never lose an important call again.

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Testing... testing... 1 2 3...

Full, real-time call recording helps ensure service quality, compliance, and meet client requirements. By full, we mean FULL. Intelligent Contacts can even record the IVR to monitor the quality of message delivery, menus, and for speech-to-text applications.

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Blend Your Campaigns

Automatically prioritize inbound calls and slow outbound calling to allocate agents to inbound calls when call volume increases. As inbound traffic spikes subside, Intelligent Contacts reallocates agent resources back to outbound campaigns and dialing shifts back into high gear.

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