Education and Schools

Quick Management

Conduct campaigns at any time, from anywhere with easy online management.

Clear Messaging

Quick, interactive messaging helps reduce misunderstandings and missed messages.

Instant Notification

Quickly spread important announcements about grades, attendance, events, and more.

Fast and Effective

Automation means less time on monotonous activities and more time for what really matters.

Making Connections Is Easier Than Ever.

With Intelligent Contacts, schools can conduct campaigns at any time, from anywhere. With years of experience in contact delivery and technology services, we continuously research the quickly developing world of communication to deliver the best services to our clients. Immediately interact with contacts from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection or a phone line. Deliver voice, text, and e-mail messages to all your contacts, pre-defined groups, or just key individuals.

Clearer, Faster Communication.


Public Notifications

Quick communication helps to ensure safety and smooth operations. We make it easier to quickly contact people the way they prefer.

Keep Parents Informed

Notify parents of school closings, student absences, grade alerts, PTA/PTO announcements, sporting events, schedule changes, and other important events.

Build Community

Messaging can also increase public awareness, promote community development, and gauge community interest.

Simple. Cost Effective. Revolutionary.

People rely on you for fast, clear communication. Reach people instantly in the way that’s most effecitve for them. Send out parent notifications, make public announcements, announce school closings, instantly communicate emergency info, alert updates for events, and so much more.

Intelligent Contacts solutions are a simple, cost-effective way to communicate with both parents and students. Not only do we provide a quick and easy way to send out various notifications, but also enable you to contact each individual the way they want to hear from you. Whether through text, email, messaging, or phone, give students and parents access to important information when and how they need it. In addition to everyday uses, Intelligent Contacts can help promote campus safety and ensure peace of mind in emergencies. Keep everyone informed in near real time. This kind of instant, personalized communication means better community engagement and greater satisfaction with little cost to you.

No Capital Expense.

Intelligent Contacts requires NO capital expense and integrates with your existing software. With our easy setup and seamless integration, you could be creating and managing campaigns as soon as tomorrow!

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