Intelligent Connect uses predictive algorithms to save hours spent waiting on hold

PLANO, TX—Intelligent Contacts, a leading provider of unified communication and payment solutions for the healthcare industry, announced the release of Intelligent Connect—a game-changing breakthrough for revenue cycle management.  CLICK HERE to see how it works.

Providers face a number of obstacles in the ever-changing financial landscape of healthcare. At the top of that list is the time-consuming process of collecting reimbursements from insurance companies. Intelligent Connect uses technology that reduces the lengthy hold time providers face when calling payers, which dramatically increases productivity and cash recoveries.

New technology works as a “speed pass” through insurance reimbursement tedium
  • Intelligent Connect navigates through IVR prompts
  • Waits on hold for the healthcare provider until call is answered
  • Immediately transfers live call to provider

“These wait times can be very long and tie up staff for most of the day,” says Intelligent Contacts CEO Jeff Mains. “This technology is making a huge impact for our healthcare partners.”

It’s not just IVRs being bypassed through this technology. It’s red tape as well. Most insurance carriers limit the number of unique claims a healthcare provider can submit during each call. Once that claim number is met, the call ends and the process starts over. That means it could take days for hospital staff to process a list of insurance claims.

Through its innovative automation, Intelligent Connect helps business offices:

  • Work more claims with less staff
  • Increase productivity of existing staff
  • Recover cash much quicker
  • Free up time to focus on more complex reimbursements

“I don’t think anyone gets into the healthcare profession thinking they will spend 4-5 hours a day listening to hold music on a loop,” Mains continued. “They care about the health of their patients and want to make a difference. We believe our specialized suite of communication and payment systems help them do that.”

Intelligent Contacts, headquartered in Plano, Texas, provides omnichannel communication and payment solutions for other industries including Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), the financial sector, education, government and religious organizations.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Intelligent Connect.

Who are millennials and why should you care about their consumer preferences?


Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are widely defined as anyone born between 1976 and 2000. they are the generation who has grown up saturated in marketing at every level. From TV to internet, to social media to mobile devices, Generation Y has entered the marketplace fully aware everything and everyone around them is out to sell them something. And they are eager to buy.

A recent Nielsen report cites this generation spends $65 billion a year and influences more than $1 trillion in total consumer spending.

This is why you should care about the consumer preferences of millennials—they not only have a lot of money to spend—they also tell all of their friends about the brands they like.

Discover five business “must haves” to engaging the growing millennial mindset in this free resource guide.


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