Religious Organizations

Create Community and Keep In Touch.

Even in a world filled with technology, our lives are defined by relationships. Creating a feeling of community and connection is key to church growth. Intelligent Contacts has developed user-friendly solutions to keep members informed, up to date, and cared for no matter where they are.

Uniting voice, text, e-mail, and web channels gives ultimate flexibility for meeting the preferred communication methods of every individual. This allows personalized communications with large groups with incredible ease. More »

  • Deliver weekly messages from the pastor
  • Call or text message youth to encourage attendance
  • Remind members of important events
  • Cancel or change service times due to inclement weather
  • Notify members of special needs within the congregation
  • Instantly announce fundraisers
  • Enable giving on the church website
  • Open online registration for church trips and activities
  • Eliminate manual phone trees
  • Send out urgent prayer requests
  • Request volunteers for minyan calls
  • Send service time reminders
  • Announce a Bar-Mitzvah
  • Promote holiday events
  • Announce Hebrew school registration
  • Announce candle times

Intelligent Contact’s systems allow you to conduct campaigns at any time, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a contact list, and you can instantly start raising funds for your next big event. With years of experience in contact delivery and technology services, we continuously research and deliver the best services to our clients in the rapidly developing world of communication.

EXCLUSIVE merchant account and payment processing rates for all tax-exempt religious organizations. Intelligent Contacts donates a portion of our revenue to charitable organizations every year.