Financial Institutions

Interactive Customer Experience Reinforces Loyalty and Brings New Accounts.

Intelligent Contacts helps you keep in touch with customers seamlessly and interactively. Reach thousands of contacts in minutes with personalized messages or promotions. Show customers you care by reaching out to them in the way they want. Intelligent Contacts empowers you to deliver your message through phone, email, IVR, or text/SMS, all tailored to suit your needs. As a leading provider of contact solutions, we have developed tools with unsurpassed calling speed and capacity, but without capital expense. More »

Intelligent Contacts opens up new ways to connect with your clients. Recent studies show that 87 percent of customers want more meaningful relationships with companies. The best way to accomplish this? Consumer interaction, clear communication, and growth that responds to consumer feedback. With Intelligent Contacts on your side, your clients will feel more important and more cared for. Boosted client engagement means higher satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, and a higher chance clients will refer others to you.

Intelligent Contacts allows you to:
  • Send notifications of closing or special offers
  • Bill or payment reminders
  • Notify clients of potential security threats
  • Instant personalized messaging
  • Access to information like location, hours, account balance, and more 24/7

Intelligent Contacts requires NO capital expense and integrates with existing banking systems. You can create standard ongoing campaigns or marketing/promotional campaigns in just a few minutes. Simple, easy, and, most importantly, effective!

With ten years of experience in contact delivery and technology services, we continuously research the quickly developing world of communication so we can deliver the best possible services.