Healthcare and Medical

Better Patient Outcomes

Make registration a breeze, keep appointments on track, and easily check in on patients after release.

Higher Satisfaction

Personalized communication means your patients feel more nurtured and supported throughout their time with you.

Faster Payments

Collect payments faster with automated payment reminders, electronic billing, and online settlement tools.

More Time For What Matters

Our solutions let you spend less time on mundane paperwork and more time with your patients.

Put the "Health" in Healthcare.

Improving healthcare communication between providers and patients is vital to overall quality care. Your patients may be with you for an hour, overnight, or an extended period of time. Intelligent Contacts helps you deliver better patient outcomes through automated, interactive, and personalized communication. From the very first interaction through treatment, discharge, and even billing, patients will never be out of touch. Clear, convenient communication with patients makes them feel more cared for, keeps appointments on track, and provides a friendly way to check in after they are back home. Following up with patients after release or after a visit enables medical staff to answer any questions the patient may have and catch complications early on, drastically reducing readmittance rates.

Intelligent Care.


Faster Communication

Everyone has different communication preferences. Combine voice, text/SMS, email, chat, and web self-service technologies to provide the perfect balance of automation and personalization.

Fewer Missed Appointments

Automated communication means quick, reliable appointment reminders and notifications.

Better Follow-Up

Prevent unnecessary readmission by easily addressing questions about medications, therapy, follow-up procedures and more.

How Do Healthcare Providers Use the Intelligent Care Solution?

  • Centralized Patient Scheduling
  • Staff Notifications
  • Fill Shift Vacancies
  • New Staff Recruiting
  • Hospital Pre-Registration
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Post-Discharge Follow-Up
  • Friendly Payment Reminders
  • IVR Payments
  • Online Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Electronic Billing (EBPP)

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