Why is security important? In any industry, your customer’s payment information needs to be secure. Many systems used today are unencrypted and at risk of being hacked. PCI, the Payment Card Industry, is a group that sets security standards for card readers and...

Using Technology To Process Payments 24/7

Payments For The Customer. One of the top reasons patients call is to make a payment, often at the last minute. Intelligent IVR enables payment directly from any phone. Feature-rich, patient-centered bill payment options can be customized to accept eChecks, credit...

How Can I Keep My Data Safe?

Just How Common Are Data Breaches? Data breaches are on the rise and any data handled in-house is at risk. Many of these breaches are caused by malware listening to data as it passes through the system. According to the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC), the only...

Intelligent IVR for Healthcare

Streamline Communication Virtually all medical facilities large and small save significant cost and time by automating communication and utilizing electronic channels rather than relying solely on traditional paper methods. Intelligent Contacts makes it easy!...


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